Day One: Complete.

So the first day of school is FINALLY over.

Here’s a play-by-play of my delightful day, friends:

– arrived at my usual morning hangout to find it overrun with guard girls.

– went to AP Lit. Discovered that I have a great class. Was given four text books. Decided that I like it anyway.

– went to band. Found that we have 11 percussionists, most of who I like. Found that we have some very annoying kids, who I do not like. I like our new directors though! I have a good feeling about Wind Ensemble this year.

– headed to Journalism II. This is basically just a workshop for the newspaper staff, I dig it. There’s ten of us this year and I think I’m going to apply to be editor in chief.

– went to lunch. Sat outside with the lovely Aly and Alex.

– went to Calculus. did not enjoy that at all, but I have a fun class, so it’s all good. I do not seem to remember anything from any math class ever, however, so that may be a small issue.

Highlights of the day:

– Aly finally tranferred from her private school! REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD.

– I’m a senior and it’s crazy.

– Literally all of the administrators know me. They say hi to me by name. Is it possible to be an admin’s pet?

– I dig my teachers.

– Homecoming is in three weeks.

– Our first marching competition is in four weeks.

Low points of the day:

– Homecoming is in three weeks and I don’t have a date.

– Homecoming is in three weeks and I don’t have a date.

– Homecoming is in three weeks and I don’t have a date.


It’s going to be a great year, I have such a good feeling.


– Makena


P.S. – Did I mention that I really really really need a homecoming date?


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