Monthly Archives: August 2012

I can’t stop smiling and it’s a little pathetic but I’m that happy.

You know those moments when there’s not real reason why you’re happy but you are? Like that huge, overflowing kind of exuberance that keeps you up at night and fills up rooms and makes you straight-up JOYFUL? That’s me right now. I got a job today! Helping at little girl birthday parties at this cutesy place […]

Truth is, I’m a band geek.

In ten years, it won’t matter how much my left wrist hurt when we hit the middle of the third movement. It won’t matter how frustrated I was when it rained that one day, or how tired was for all of August. The little petty thing won’t be what I remember. I will remember this […]

Sometimes, everything just sucks.

So today was kind of just blah and I’m not a fan. Basically, I went to three different student council meetings….in one day…..what?! And rehearsal was literally awful. I’m having issues with one of our directors and it is extremely frusturating. But anyway, I think I’m going to post something. Like a writing something. I […]

Day One: Complete.

So the first day of school is FINALLY over. Here’s a play-by-play of my delightful day, friends: – arrived at my usual morning hangout to find it overrun with guard girls. – went to AP Lit. Discovered that I have a great class. Was given four text books. Decided that I like it anyway. – […]

I can’t stop writing and this is kind of awesome.

So hey there internet. 🙂 I’m just a little girl who likes big words and playing marimba and can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. I have no idea if anyone is reading this. But I guess I’ll just post some things I write, whether they’re little clips of things I write or my […]